Practice Areas

Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

If you or your child have been the target of Sexual Assault/Sexual Harassment at school or work, I can help you get the justice you are seeking.

If you or your child are facing an allegation of Sexual Assault at school, call me. I can help you and your child navigate this complicated process.

Since 2014, I have worked with colleges, high schools, businesses, and non-profits conducting internal Title IX Investigations.

Client Reviews

Recently had Attorney Kathleen Jackson as legal counsel for tenant/landlord case. Must say she did a great job in such a short period of time. Was able to review and make the best decisions to resolve the case without having to go to trial within a small window of time.

Trevor P., Client

Attorney Kathleen Jackson was able to resolve a number of outstanding warrants for me very quickly. I am living in Florida, and was unable to obtain my drivers license. She was able to go to multiple courts, and resolve the warrants on my behalf. Attorney Jackson was completely professional, and I was able to get my license 2 days later. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back on track!

Patrick K., Client

I hired Kathleen Jackson to represent a relative in a matter with the MA Department of Motor Vehicles. She was supportive, efficient, kind and a great advocate.

Lucy F., Client

Attorney Jackson gave me some advice about two things: 1) Negotiating Mass Health and EBT cards, and 2) My Sister who was dealing with some health issues and might have needed to be moved to MA. She was forthright, kind and clear in her information. What stood out was her desire to help the needy. Thank you Ms Jackson for looking after folks who can’t always take care of themselves.

Tom T., Client

While visiting family in the Berkshires, I found myself in urgent need of an attorney. I interviewed several. Kathleen Jackson was strategic, tactful, professional and fully prepared in court for all contingencies. I found Kathleen Jackson thoroughly forthright whether dealing with billing, representation for me or courtroom dialogue with her peers and court colleagues. I recommend her work wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Theodore F., Client

About Kathleen A. Jackson

Attorney Jackson will bring her years of experience working in local courts to bear on your case.

Born and raised in Boston, she is now living and serving the people of Western Massachusetts. Jackson started her law career in 2002 when she interned as a law student with the Quincy Public Defenders. From 2004 through 2008 she worked with the Public Defender’s Office in Pittsfield working exclusively in Criminal Defense. Attorney Jackson is an experienced litigator who has represented hundreds, upon hundreds of clients.

Her passion for social justice law has taken her to Africa as she served in the Peace Corps, to Montreal advocating for homeless teens, to Boston serving as a Fair Housing Advocate at the Women’s Lunch Place, to the Plains of North Dakota serving in the Legal Tent in Standing Rock.

Jackson has dedicated her career to serving the everyday man and woman who finds themselves facing an injustice.

Attorney Jackson – Experience, Integrity, and Grit.